Music lessons should be fun, no matter what age you are and I aim to ensure that all lessons are friendly and relaxed.

I offer harp lessons to students of all ages. Typical lessons last for an hour, but may be shorter for younger pupils.  You can work towards exams or can learn for fun; all styles can be covered classical, folk, traditional or modern. The options are quite simply endless.  If you'd just like to just try it, with no obligation then please get in touch.  We can arrange a taster session and then you can decide whether or not to continue.

 Photo: Becka McClaughry

Younger students might be concerned about the size of the harp, but when you are very little you can play on a small lever instrument.  As you get bigger you can, if you want to, move to a larger pedal harp.

If you don't yet own an instrument then you could consider hiring when you first start off.  There are several harp makers who undertake short and long term loans, and I can provide you with details if you require.