How much does a booking cost?

Naturally the price will vary depending on the kind of engagement, playing time, location and music selection. The choice of instrument may also have an impact on the cost: the larger pedal harp creates more volume and can play a wider selection of music than the smaller Celtic harp.  Including a trumpet fanfare with a harp booking does not increase the price. Please contact me for a detailed quote.

Katie McClaughry Event Harpist Devon

 Photo: Glen Jevon

Can Katie play both harp and trumpet at your event?

Of course! I would be more than happy to bring both instruments to your event.  At weddings in the past I have provided trumpet fanfares for the bride's entrance and exit and harp music during the signing of the register and reception.  I have a broad repertoire on both instruments so can provide the ideal combination for your special day.

Katie McClaughry Wedding Harpist Devon

 Photo: James Hill

Katie McClaughry Wedding Harpist Dorset

 Highcliffe Castle

Can the client choose the music for their event?

I will always talk with the client about the requirements they have for their individual booking.  Whilst this site does include repertoire pages containing many of my popular requests, it is not an exhaustive list.  If your favourite piece is not included here, it may still be in my repertoire, and if not I am often able to learn new music on request.  To find out more please feel free to contact me and discuss your options further.

Katie McClaughry Wedding Harpist Cornwall

 Helford Passage

Can Katie play outdoors?

Yes.  The harp can be played inside or out of doors, as long as some shelter from direct sunshine or rain is provided.  I have a choice of harps, which helps to ensure the best sound for your venue.

Where does Katie work?

I am based on the border between Devon and Cornwall, but I perform all across the South of England.  Of course the cost of the booking will vary depending on the location.